Jason Aldean - They Don't Know

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Description / Informantion

year: 2016
singer/artist: Jason Aldean

They Don't Know is the seventh studio album by American bro-country artist Jason Aldean. It was released on September 9, 2016.

Released: September 9, 2016
Recorded: 2015–16
GenreBro-country country rock
Label: Broken Bow
Producer: Michael Knox

Track listing

  • Lights Come On
  • A Little More Summertime
  • This Plane Don't Go There
  • Comin' In Hot
  • First Time Again
  • Bad
  • They Don't Know
  • One We Won't Forget
  • Whiskey'd Up
  • In Case You Don't Remember
  • All Out Of Beer
  • Any Ol' Barstool
  • The Way A Night Should Feel
  • Reason To Love L.A.
  • When The Lights Go Out

They Don't Know song list

  • 1

    Lights Come On

    You're a crack of dawn Monday morning Coffee strong pouring everything you got Into a paycheck Friday night You're a power stroke diesel backhoe riding ... [read more]
  • 2

    A Little More Summertime

    They're boarding up this water town Ain't nobody hanging 'round Another gray September day Was I crazy to think she'd stay ... [read more]
  • 3

    This Plane Don't Go There

    There's a moment I can see I close my eyes from this window seat It's you and me under a midnight sky Leaning on your car in the parking lot Wish I could go back to that spot ... [read more]
  • 4

    Comin' In Hot

    I usually tell you take your time Go 45, ease in your drive I put it in park, come inside While you get ready We lay it back, we take it slow We put the night on cruise control ... [read more]
  • 5

    First Time Again

    The mention of your name That's all it takes My heart re-breaks My whole world shakes And it's flashback driveway pouring rain Nothing I could do nothing I could say To slow you down ... [read more]
  • 6


    When you're good, girl you're good Doing every little thing exactly like you should So sweet, with your angel eyes just killin' me On the porch, blue sky Yeah you hold my hand say you want to take ... [read more]
  • 7

    They Don't Know

    They call us a two lane just passing by slow down town Yeah they say what's there to do when you ain't got nothin' around Just a few street lights, speed limit signs that all say 25 But those folks ... [read more]
  • 8

    One We Won't Forget

    Got the visor down drivin' into the sunset Ain't come up on your dirt road turn yet This Chevrolet is 5 away Just enough time to burn half a cigarette Can't wait to see what's waitin' on me ... [read more]
  • 9

    Whiskey'd Up

    I can twist the top off a 12-pack of longnecks Get my redneck on baby all night long with the boys And never even think about you I can be sittin' with someone new at a table for two Buzzin' on a ... [read more]
  • 10

    In Case You Don't Remember

    In case you don't remember I left a picture of us on the hood of your truck from that spring break We were young and a little bit crazy enough to just think We were gonna be something Yeah weren't ... [read more]
  • 11

    All Out Of Beer

    If you'd a got here 'fore my buzz kicked in I'd a told you where to go, I'd a never let you in Crashed out on the couch waitin' on that sun to come up I'd probably still be hating on you ... [read more]
  • 12

    Any Ol' Barstool

    I guess you heard I was pedal to the metal on a downhill slide Girl, you know those rumors get to flyin' in a town this size No, I didn't feel a thing when you threw that ring and slammed the door ... [read more]
  • 13

    The Way A Night Should Feel

    Do you remember when we snuck out of the house at the stroke of midnight I was waitin' 'round the block 'Cause your daddy would have killed me if he'd a seen me You jumped in my ride, we made a beel ... [read more]
  • 14

    Reason To Love L.A.

    I'm about as small town as you can get I'm talkin two lanes one cop Plowed up fields catching red sunsets We get nervous when the rain stops ... [read more]
  • 15

    When The Lights Go Out

    I gotta get to you baby, I gotta get to you now Without you I'm going crazy, without you girl I'm going wild The only thing that I wanna do is fall into you ... [read more]

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