Green Day - Revolution Radio

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Description / Informantion

year: 2016
singer/artist: Green Day

Revolution Radio is the twelfth studio album by American punk rock band Green Day,it is released on October 7, 2016 through Reprise Records.

Released: October 7, 2016
Recorded: January 15 - July 24, 2016
Studio: OTIS (Oakland, California)
Label: Reprise
Producer: Green Day

Track listing

  • 1. "Somewhere Now"
  • 2. "Bang Bang" 
  • 3. "Revolution Radio" 
  • 4. "Say Goodbye"
  • 5. "Outlaws"
  • 6. "Bouncing Off the Wall"
  • 7. "Still Breathing" 
  • 8. "Youngblood"
  • 9. "Too Dumb to Die"
  • 10. "Troubled Times"
  • 11. "Forever Now"
  • 12. "Ordinary World"

Revolution Radio song list

  • 1

    Bang Bang

    I get my kicks and I want to start a rager I want to dance like I'm on the video I got a fever for the violent behavior I'm sweating bullets like a modern Romeo ... [read more]
  • 2

    Revolution Radio

    Scream with your hands up in the sky Like you want to testify For the life that's been deleted Sing like a rebel's lullaby Under the stars and stripes For the lost souls that were cheated ... [read more]
  • 3

    Somewhere Now

    I'm running late to somewhere now I don't want to be Where the future and promises Ain't what it used to be I never wanted to compromise Or bargain with my soul How did a life on the wild side ... [read more]
  • 4

    Say Goodbye

    Say goodbye to the ones that we love Say goodbye to the ones we love Say goodbye to the ones that we love Goodbye to the ones that we love ... [read more]
  • 5


    Life after youth Faded in twilight The dawn of a criminal in bloom First love First forgiveness We were delinquents Freaks of a faded memory ... [read more]
  • 6

    Bouncing Off The Wall

    Concrete dream - hey I'm gonna make a scene: radio Caught burning gasoline, sleeping in reverse And everybody's bouncing off the walls ... [read more]
  • 7

    Still Breathing

    I'm like a child looking off on the horizon I'm like an ambulance that's turning on the sirens Oh, I'm still alive I'm like a soldier coming home for the first time I dodged a bullet and I walked ... [read more]
  • 8


    Youngblood Youngblood Youngblood She's my little youngblood Youngblood Youngblood Youngblood Punch-drunken youngblood ... [read more]
  • 9

    Too Dumb To Die

    Oh, oh - I love you Oh, oh - I do I got a sentimental illness for you Please don't go away, oh yeah ... [read more]
  • 10

    Troubled Times

    What good is love and peace on earth? When it's exclusive? Where's the truth in the written word? If no one reads it A new day dawning Comes without warning So don't blink twice ... [read more]
  • 11

    Forever Now

    My name is Billie and I'm freaking out I thought before I was now I can't really figure it out I sit alone with my thoughts and prayers Screaming my memories as if I was never there ... [read more]
  • 12

    Ordinary World

    Where can I find the city of shining light In an ordinary world? How can I leave a buried treasure behind In an ordinary world? ... [read more]

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