Passenger - Young As The Morning, Old As The Sea

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Description / Informantion

year: 2016
singer/artist: Passenger

Track listing

  • Everything
  • If You Go
  • When We Were Young
  • Anywhere
  • Somebody's Love
  • Young As The Morning Old As The Sea
  • Beautiful Birds
  • The Long Road
  • Fool's Gold
  • Home

Young As The Morning, Old As The Sea song list

  • 1

    When We Were Young

    We used to never say never used to think we live for ever flying free beneath the sun days go running and hiding the weeks are going slippy and sliding years leave ... [read more]
  • 2


    When you got nothing Freewheeling and free falling you go When you got nothing you've got something to prove Then you get something Something that you've always dreamed about When you got somethi ... [read more]
  • 3

    If You Go

    While we're wild and free We'll skip like were stones on the sea Sing like the birds in the trees Like crows outside your window ... [read more]
  • 4


    If you get out on the ocean If you sail out on the sea If you get up in the mountains If you go climbing on trees Oh or through every emotion ... [read more]
  • 5

    Somebody's Love

    Oh when the winds they blow You're gonna need somebody to know you You're gonna need somebody's love to fall into ... [read more]
  • 6

    Young As The Morning Old As The Sea

    I wanna lay by a lake in Norway, I I wanna walk through Swedish fields of green I wanna see the forests of Finland, I I wanna sail on a boat on the Baltic sea ... [read more]
  • 7

    Beautiful Birds

    You remember when we were two beautiful birds, we would light up the sky, when we’d fly, You were orange and red, like the sun when it sets, I was green as an apple’s eye. ... [read more]
  • 8

    The Long Road

    We've walked the long road and you've worn it well. You stitched yourself up when you fell. Keep your memories in jars, Carry secrets in scars Beneath your shell. ... [read more]
  • 9

    Fool's Gold

    Can't you show me something I've not seen before Magic tricks and pirate ships - they just don't work no more. Given up on treasure chests that wash upon the shore 'Cause fool's gold never seems to ... [read more]
  • 10


    They say home is where the heart is but my heart is wild and free So am I homeless Or just heartless? Did I start this? Did it start me? ... [read more]

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