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From above, seems I had it all
But it doesn't mean anything since you're gone
I know I push you away
What can I do that will say how I love?
Take these material things
They don't mean nothing
It's you that I want
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Look for the answer
'Cause it's hard for me to pretend
Look to my mother
Call to the captain
Can't you see
This state that I'm in?
Pray for forgiveness
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Some people so poor; all that they've got is money...
Oh, and diamonds...
Some people waste their life counting their thousands...
I don't care what they're offering...
How much gold they bring?
They can't afford what we've got,
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I'm at his mercy, mercy, mercy tonight
I can't count to no amount
There's no limits, no no
To the ways I could love you, babe
Take me over, I can't get over
There's no limits, no no
To the ways I could love you, babe
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Brand new me, brand new you
Something new overdue
Tadadii tadiram
Tadadii tadiram
She from the block and she's rollin'
She got her own and she's rollin'
She's all alone and she's rollin'
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Boy I said it once before
But baby I’m just making sure
I know that there is nothing more than you
So they can take it all away
I don’t need it anyway
I just want another day with you
Some people just don’t know what they have
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Dear Lord can you take it away? (Oooh)
This pain in my heart that follows me by day
And at night it stalks me like the shadows on my wall (Mmmmm)
Oh my goodness
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Some people live for the fortune
Some people live just for the fame
Some people live for the power, yeah
Some people live just to play the game
Some people think that the physical things
Define what's within
And I've been there before
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Clap your hands everybody
Lets do it like this, come on
See, we could act out like Will and Jada(Will and Jada)
Or like Kimora and Russell makin' paper, oh yeah
All in the family like the Jacksons(like the Jacksons)
And have enough kids to make a band like Joe and Catherine, yeah
She ain't no different from me
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Childhood living is easy to do
The things you wanted I bought them for you
Graceless lady you know who I am
You know I can't let you slide through my hands
Wild horses couldn't drag me away
Wild horses couldn't drag me away
I watched you suffer a dull aching pain
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