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Only we know what is talked about, baby boy
I don't know how you could be driving me so crazy, boy
Baby when you're in town why don't you come around, boy?
I'll be the loyalty you need
You can trust me, boy, a-ha
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So how could you...look me in my eye
And not see what what i feel inside
Tell me how could youuuu... doubt the fact that I
I love you...
I love you
Don't you ever...think like that.
Don't you ever...never do that?
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Baby who's saving me?
Baby I'm
A special kind
Call at the last minute
I'll be on time
I'll take an inch
And make a mile
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Used to dream of being a millionaire without a care
But if I'm seeing my dreams and you aren't there
Cause it's over, that just won't be fair, darling
Rather be a poor woman living on the street, no food to eat
Cause I don't want no pie if I have to cry
Cause it's over when you said goodbye
All at once, I had it all
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Gotta work it baby, work it out
If you want me baby, Work it out
If you need me baby, Work it out
Gotta work it out, Work it out
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We can stop the whole world for us
I'm saying, whoa
Feel it up and down and in your soul
I'll forever be here at his mercy, mercy, mercy
Loving him for eternity, eternity, eternity
Cause I
I can't count to no amount
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(Crazy world of mine)
And I, I will make sure that it lasts
(Crazy world of mine)
Just by dedicating all my time
(Crazy world of mine)
If you stay in this crazy world of mine
(Crazy world of mine)
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Friends we've been for so long
Now true colors are showing
Makes me wanna cry oh yes it does
Cuz I had to say goodbye
By now I should know
That in time things would change
So it shouldn't be so bad
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Oh, baby, where did we go wrong, baby?
Did this cold, cold world turn us into stone?
Now all I battle is your ego and your pride
It's ticking like a time bomb, ready too ignite
Hurtin' me to fight
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Slow down baby, let's take our time
Slow down baby, if you don't mind
Slow down baby, before we make this move
Slow down baby, baby slow down
Cause b4 we make this move
I think it's really 2 soon
Oooo baby it's like I'm knowing you forever
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