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Ooh work me baby
Shakin' it the way I like
I'm ready to be bad
I need a bad girl (say yeah)
Get at me bad girl
What sexy lady's comin' home with me tonight?
I'm ready to be bad
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Been dreaming all for you once heaven shows and the angels bloom sooner right away things
And I'ma ask her now but I'm dreaming again which leads me to now
Ohhh what I got to do to you I bet you can do it to
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I'm not trying to be late, rush through security gates,
With weather in Atlanta, all out going flights delayed,
No rooms left in the Mandarin, I gotta figure out a play,
Sparked up some conversation, she was going the same way,
We started talking business, she handed me a card,
We exchanged information, I rented me a car,
While I'm driving she calling, I'm thinking this is how it starts,
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I never ever wanna hurt you
I just wanna love ya
I just wanna sex ya
I wanna give you everything you need
That you want, just lay down
Let me love ya all night long
I wanna live, I just wanna keep ya
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And in the end with no regrets you given your all and nothing left
You know you been the best that you can be
No one can say you didn't try
Go on and wave your better high
And save a that sweet taste of victory (ohhh yea)
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This ain’t cheatin’ as long as we tell nobody
Tell your girls you’re leaving
I’ll meet you in the lobby
I’m so cold, yeah I need that hot tottie
Hot tottie (hot tottie)
Hot tottie (thought I’d never fall in love, thought I’d never fall in love)
I see you like it tough,
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Hey, I know what you used to
We gon' do something different tonight
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And I want you, oh baby
More than you know sugar
If only for one night
I'll make you feel
Like you've been to paradise
It's all up to you - tell me something baby
I know one thing
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She's all up in my head now
Got me thinking that it might
Be a good time to take her with me (with me)
Cause she's ready to leave (ready to leave - now!) (let's let's go!)
Now I got to keep it real now
Cause on a 1 to 10 she's a certified 20
But that just ain't me (hey!)
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Changes (oooh changes) changes
But I’m not ready for them
So please don’t tell me it’s the end of us
(These changes, they breaking my heart, they breaking my heart, they breaking my heart)
And now my conscience is killing me
Before I was afraid of you leaving
Now I think that you cheating
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