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You won't find me
Naked and cold justa sittin'
on the doctor's table
Witin' to be told justa why
I'm no longer able
To feel my heart beatin'--
give me a good reason why!
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I can see you with me when I'm older
All my lonely nights are finally over
You took the weight of the world off my
shoulders (the world just goes away)
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And a smile slowly spread across his face
He said "What took you so long
That's what I've been waiting on
I thought you'd take forever and a day"
What made you say that
Was it the moonlight, was it the starlight in your eyes
What made you say that
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Everybody's got to do it!
Everybody's got to earn their way
Uh, come on now
You gotta work your own way through it
Everybody's got their dues to pay
The daily grind can freak your mind
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(Here it comes
Mmm, the thing about love)
Love has a way to find ya
Sneaks up right behind ya
There ain't no particular way
You don't know when it's gonna
Come runnin' 'round the corner
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From this moment on
From this moment I have been blessed
I live only for your happiness
And for your love I'd give my last breath
From this moment on
I give my hand to you with all my heart
Can't wait to live my life with you, can't wait to start
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Yeah, thank you baby!
For makin' someday come so soon
Yeah, thank you baby!
For lovin' me the way you do
So many numbers--so many guys to call
Is it any wonder--I got nowhere at all
Oh, well it had to be someway (it had to be
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Don't fight.. don't argue
Just give me the chance to say that I'm sorry
Just let me love you
Don't turn me away.. don't tell me to go
Don't pretend that it's ok
Things won't get better that way
And don't do something you might regret someday
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Tell me about it...
Have you ever tried to figure them out?
Huh, me too, but I ain't got no clue
How 'bout you?
Men are like shoes
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I love you, I love you
I do babe
But you ain't gonna cheat on me
I need you, I need you
I do babe
Choose, is it her or me
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